Vaughn Gavin

from being 8 knew he wanted to be a communications engineer. Vaughn has been developing software since he was 16, developing his first software program for investment opportunities and his second, a human resource matching program for his wife, Denise. After completing his military service, Vaughn went on to study Electrical engineering at the University of Johannesburg, and started VASoft at the tender age of 30. VASoft won a number of awards in the telephony and Contact Center industry, and experienced many firsts- first SMS solutions, first IVR solution to name but a couple. Today, the VASoft telephony solution makes and receives over a million calls per month. Vaughn has been involved in a number of bleeding edge technology projects over the past few years since arriving in Canada. awarewear has reignited his passion for hardware and firmware and has ensured his passion for innovation, and real time communications remains strong.