Technology is changing fast and the ability to monitor, measure, track and alert, yourself and others on your performance, effort, action, and location is getting better and better. 

Awarewear offers solutions that allow you and or others to track in real-time, a number of body biometrics (heart rate, blood oxygenation, temperature, blood pressure), kinetics (motion, speed, duration, direction) and location (physical location on a playing field, workspace or address)

Using each measurement in conjunction with one another enables you, your trainer, caregiver to assess and advise you on ways to improve, keep you safe and make smart life choices.

Our solutions offer instant, reliable and meaningful metrics to ensure a safer, faster and smarter you, your team or someone you care about. 

How it works


The intelibean

makes use of Bluetooth communications and encrypted data is stored in the “cloud”.

Alerts (data received that is outside of the individualized set thresholds) are sent to a smart phone application in emergencies. The application also works as a quick reference dashboard if and when needed. 

Gender and age agnostic, the intelibean offers real -time alerts when biometric thresholds are broken and impacts experienced.

All three measurements are indicators of your overall well being. Tracked over time they can reflect either an improvement or deterioration of your health. They are also invariably first indicators that something is not right, an early indication of infection, especially when combined. 
We use this data when determining: stress, sleep, participation

Motion detection is important in that it allows us to send an alert if you have fallen, are walking, running, and this together with your other biometric data tells a story- your story. 

Impact detection, and the force of the impact is important if someone has fallen and hit their head. Depending on where someone is, having their GPS location could mean the difference between life and death. 
Distance tracking ensure a safe social distance and tracks movement when participating in a group activity




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