Gareth Weale

As a young man growing up in the UK. Gareth’s passion for astronomy led him to the University of Birmingham. Graduating with an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Astrophysics, Gareth began his career at GEC Research, designed first generation CCD image sensors which enabled the development of silicon chips to take pictures in devices like cell phones and space stations to make images clearer in real life situations. Gareth was called to Canada as a designer building a multi-spectral imaging system, a camera system for small aircrafts to map and measure the environment for pollution levels and crop health. He was also honoured to be part of the team generating visual images of the solar eclipse and the solar corona for the great Baja eclipse of 1991. Gareth was then recruited by Waterloo-based company DALSA as an Image Sensor Designer, where he contributed to the cameras used on the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (Canadarm), used on the NASA Space Shuttle orbiters. Gareth’s earned a Master’s degree in in Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University and went on to design a radio frequency (RF) chip to optimize power usage for radios and cell phones, which he later patented. This work led to his design of RF chipsets for hearing aids and neuro stimulator design to implant and stimulate the brain. His work led to the first ever commercial system to allow hearing aids to talk to each other wirelessly. Gareth joined the founding team in 2017 and holds the position of Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for the design, development and commercialization of the wearable devices they bring to market. He holds his friendships dear and is more than willing to stretch himself financially, emotionally and physically to ensure the success of Awarewear. He is a great resource, diverse in interest, a coffee connoisseur and loves to go fast.