Convalescent Care and Long term monitoring

Long term care:
Many of us have parents who live alone, across the ocean, or maybe in the room next door. It is difficult to be “on hand” 100% of the time, life is busy, work is demanding and even the best of us need a break. 
The aware patch or intelibean can be used to monitor for falls, ensure safety within an area and monitor vital signs. Receive immediate alerts if something changes and let our solutions talk for your parents when they won’t or can’t.

Convalescent care:
Not everyone is cut out to monitor and care for someone recovering from surgery or illness, however, we could all benefit from ensuring we would immediately know if something changed. Using the awarewear body patch, peace of mind has never been easier, automated reminders to ensure vital data is collected and alerts, if the reading is higher than it should be. 
Be in control, feel safe, informed, and stress free



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